Amalthea Thyme Honey

Amalthea Thyme Honey


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Raw Thyme Honey 350gr - Amalthea

100% Raw Unheated, Unfiltered thyme honey


Net Weight: 350gr

Thyme is a member of the nectar-producing mint family, Lamiaceae, the source of other flavorful honeys such as mint, sage, oregano, and lavender. Wild thyme is found wild in dry, rocky Mediterranean regions, but is also cultivated for the essential oil.

The color of Thyme honey is light amber to amber when liquid, beige to brown when it is crystallized. It is a very strong, intensely aromatic honey with resinous, herbal, savory flavors; fresh and reminiscent of tropical fruits, dates and white pepper. The taste is persistent, lingering in the mouth. Crystallizes spontaneously in a short time into medium or fine grains.

Its intense and complex aroma has been described as; floral, spicy, dried flowers, magnolia flowers, cedar, herbs, flowers, rubbed, clove, burnt plastic, pencil drawing, mulled wine, and Marsala. The flavor has been described as: salty, thymol, pharmacy, plastic, pencil, dates and pepper.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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