Amalthea Olive Oil

Amalthea Olive Oil


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Production date: 25/10/2017

Harvest: 25/10/2017

Amalthea Olive Oil 2X200ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unfiltered


Net Weight: 2X200ml

Superior category olive oil odtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Store in a cool, dry place.

At the Broad area of the Mediterranean the olives trees are cultivated for more than 4000 years. The Sunny weather and the fertile lands of Greece are few of the many reasons that makes our country perfect for the cultivation of the olives. The Greek olive oil distinguish itself for its intense characteristics which are the quality (extra virgin olive oil),the color and the strong spicy flavor, low in acidity and that’s why it makes our throat burn .The AMALTHEA olive oil is produced at the region of viotia by the producer who does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers and that’s why the oil is of the highest quality .

Is olive oil good for you ?

Some of the extra nutrition health benefits virgin olive oil’s characteristics are:

  • Prevention of heart attacks
  • Has anti aging uses and is considered by many experts the secret of longevity
  • Plays a vital part to the development of the central neural system
  • Facilitates the digestion of fats
  • Contains vitamins A and E which are well known for their antioxidant benefits
  • It is more easily digested in comparison with other type of oils
  • Plays an important part to the development of the bones
  • Reduces the blood pressure
  • It is Less toxic than other type of oils when fried
  • Reduces the LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Increases the HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Helps the intestine to work better
  • Blocks the accumulation of fats in the liver
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids which help the blood pressure.

Olive oil and vitamins

 Olive oil tree


  • It is well known that the olive oil contains a significant amount of vitamin A which is necessary for the eyes but also to strengthen the immune system.


  • The most important characteristic of vitamin D is the adjustment of the accumulation concerning calcium and phosphorus .The intake of vitamin D is vital for the development of the bones and teeth but also to increase the immune’s system resistance against a variety of illnesses.


  • Vitamin E is a fat dissolving vitamin ,it’s main role-as a strong antioxidant-is to protect the tissues from the damages caused by the free chemical radicals to our body.


  • Vitamin K is playing a primary role in the thickening of blood.

Vegans all around the world who use raw olive oil in their diet report:

  1. Lose of weight
  2. Makes binge to fade off
  3. Helps to deal with depressing symptoms
  4. Prevention of headaches
  5. Prevention of pains during and after menstruation
  6. Makes the hair stronger
  7. Prevents the acne and many more dermatological problems.

At Greece we prefer the olive oil for its health benefits but we need to consume the best quality because this is the one with all the nutrient substances and the flavor we love. Sadly the cheapest is not always the best…

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