Olive Oil Benefits

The olive oil has proven emollient, moisturizing and antiseptic properties and can be especially effective for many uses. It offers unique hydration and effective protection even in conditions characterized particularly difficult.

For the face

The spreads of the face with olive oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Mixing oil with some lemon can even out the dark spots which have displayed, as the mixture has the ability to whiten and brighten the face. Avoid large amounts of lemon in your mixture, as lemon juice is quite acidic.

For strengthening eyelashes and cleansing

Mix equal quantities of almond oil and olive oil and make a mixture of oils for a perfect cleansing but also nourishing the eyelashes. You will be amazed how well and gently cleans!

For lips that have popped

Moisturize your lips every day and especially at night just with a little olive oil. From the first application you will feel a noticeable difference to your lips.

For chapped hands or dryness of the skin

Mix 50 ml Olive oil 50 ml calendula oil. Add 10 drops of geranium essential oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of rosewood essential oil. The mixture can be used on the body preferable before bedtime.

For the eye area

If you don’t use eye cream, olive oil can be gently spread with a cotton pad on the so-called "crow's feet", ie on the side areas of the eye which are usually formed radial wrinkles.

For dry skin in the head area

Most types of dry skin that appear on our skin is often the result of dehydration caused by the sudden change of weather. The causes of dry skin can also be psychologically and especially during times of great stress the effect can be intensified highly. One of the most persistent and troublesome types of dry skin is that on the scalp. The most common symptoms are cracking of the skin, intense itching and stinging. This phenomenon is usually treated with special shampoos, abstinence from dyes and chemical treatments and individual emollient lotion. An alternative proposal for the dewatered head is pure olive oil. Try to spread olive oil on your head using an applicator and then comb the entire length of hair. Gather your hair into a waterproof membrane and sleep with it at night. The next day first put shampoo on dry hair and then rinse thoroughly oil bathing well. The result will surprise you!

To nourish hair

For one embodiment mix 50ml olive oil 50ml laurel. Pass the mixture through your hair before shampooing, avoiding the roots if they are very oily and insisting more on the hair ends, which usually presents the biggest problem of dryness and larger lesions. Wrap your hair with a towel and let the mixture sit for half an hour. Then wash your hair normally. You can make this mask once a week and at times you feel that your hair needs nourishing and toning.

For shaving

For shaving try using olive oil instead of cream, gel or shaving foam. The oil reduces the irritation caused by shaving while leaving skin radiant, hydrated and soft.

For sunscreen

Olive oil can act as a shield for the harmful rays of the sun. Scientific studies have shown that applying olive oil on the skin immediately after exposure to UVA rays of the sun can help prevent or reduce the harmful effects of this dangerous radiation such as skin cancer.

After sun

Olive oil is suitable for the dehydration that occurs in the skin, but even for burns that may be caused by sun exposure. The moisturizing and antiseptic properties of the oil can soothe and relieve pain, prevent the signs and revitalize areas that have been damaged.

For weak and thin nails

If you have sensitive and delicate nails, dip your fingertips for 5-10 minutes in warm olive oil.