Honey Benefits

Some of the healing properties remain even today unknown, but we know that honey is literally ... medicine

Honey is qualitatively better when it comes from regions with dry climate, because it contains large amounts of active ingredients as a result of low water content. In a general analogy, honey contains 16-17% water, 77-78% carbohydrates (mainly fructose and glucose), and 6% of all remaining ingredients (organic acids, proteins, amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and various flavorings).

Healing properties

Honey brings together the great interest of the scientific community, providing important therapeutic properties that still remain unknown to their full extent. Lets see some of them:


Honey is recommended against obesity caused by defective metabolism, excessive insulin production and water retention in the tissues.

Heart – Circulatory

Glucose, the principal sugar of honey, an important energy source for the heart. It also regulates the contractions of the myocardium, increases the vasodilatation and reduces the increased pressure.


The amount of hemoglobin increases with the consumption of honey mainly due to the content of copper and iron, which are indeed of organic origin, so 100% absorbable by the body without causing constipation.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Honey is considered alkaline food because of mineral salts containing that reduce stomach acidity. They are also valuable means for protection against gastric and duodenal ulcers because of its antibacterial and healing action. Finally, one of the best natural light laxatives.


The liver is the body's factory, synthesized useful substances while degrade others that are hazardous (eg toxins). Glucose containing honey increases the reserves of glycogen in the liver, which enhances these processes and increases the body's resistance to infections.


Honey contains very little protein and almost no salt, substances not allowed in people with kidney disease. Moreover, a clear diuretic activity and reduces the bladder bacteria thanks to it’s antiseptic properties.


Honey has healing and regenerative properties, stimulating the growth and division of cells. This action as a beauty elixir is what makes it a key ingredient natural cosmetic creams with excellent results.